‘Super Grids Silk Road’ shaping up in Kazakhstan


By Georgi Gotev :- 

A series of conferences dedicated to China’s One Belt One Road initiative have taken place in Astana. Plans to launch a gigantic renewable energy project with the potential to supply the EU were also put forward.

Saltanat Rahimbekova, Deputy Head of the International Green Technologies and Investment Projects Centre (IGTIC), said the institution she represents is initiating the project ‘Super Grids Silk Road’. The aim is to massively increase the ability of the 64 countries along the New Silk Road to tap into cheap alternative energy.

As Ms. Rahimbekova explained, IGTIC is an ideological continuation of the heritage of the Astana EXPO 2017 ‘Future Energy’ exhibition. Its main aim is the transfer of green technologies and the attraction of investment for green projects.

One of the ideas of the ‘Super Grids Silk Road’ project is to motivate scientists to develop next generation solar panels or wind technologies.

She explained that current solar panels are 12th generation, while the aim is to think how the 15th generation versions might look and how to make the energy they produce as cheap as possible.

Ms. Rahimbekova added that her institute is willing to cooperate with the recently established Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the Silk Road Fund.

One of the big projects IGTIC is presently working on is an atlas of solar and wind energy in Kazakhstan. Every investor will be able to consult the record before deciding the location of projects, she explained.

Rae Kwon Chung, Climate Change Advisor to the Secretary General of the UN, said the ‘Super Grids Silk Road’ was about investing billions of dollars in solar and wind energy and supplying it along the historic route.