Silk Road Fashion Show Coming to London


By Dr Shahid Qureshi: –

London to host Silk Road Fashion Show on 15th February 2018, 5 pm at Centenary Hall, Chelsea Football Club, Chelsea. Dr Alma Farmer said: ‘Designers are invited from many countries including two coming all the way from Kazakhstan.  She said: ‘my business partner and designer Olga Kokoeva is helping me in this show’.

Silk Road Faishon 7. Olga Kokoeva

The fashion show focused on the modern Silk Road is to take place in London on February 15, with an open invitation to fashion designers, media, fashion colleges, fashion related businesses and the general public. This is an opportunity to find inspiration in the new creative and refreshing styles of more than 10 designers and to dip into the culture of the countries that the Silk Road has passed through for many hundreds of years until today.

Silk Road Faishon 2. Zhanar Kainar

The concept of the event is to unite people from different parts of the world as has been the case since ancient times, when bazaars were filled with different languages and precious gems and silk were carried from Asia to Europe. These items, and more, are being used by the designers today, bring tradition and modernity together.

Silk Road Faishon 1.Twenty Four Fashion

The Silk Road Fashion Show brings together designers from along the Silk Road of Asia and Europe that has been in place for over 2000 years. Among them is Portuguese designer Margarida Miranda who presents her Eurajasthan collection, which is a fusion of Rajasthani and western fashion; Olga Kokoeva brings elements of Slavic culture; Zhanar Kainar and Aisalim introduce motifs of Central Asian nomads; and the rebellious spirit of J.James collection brings the idea that fashion has no gender, race, creed or colour. Some of the beautiful models are being sponsored by the modelling agency BlackAfro Queens.

The show will take place from 5pm at the Centenary Hall, Chelsea Football Club. There will be a catwalk show for designers to introduce their collections, as well as a show-room for designers to discuss their creations with guests after the catwalk.

Program details


London, United Kingdom

Date and Time: 5pm, 15 February 2018

Location: Centenary Hall, Chelsea Football Club, Chelsea

Designers participating

1.Twenty-Four Fashion

  1. Zhanar Kainar
  2. Linda Baba
  3. MMirandaMS
  4. J.James
  5. AiSalim
  6. Olga Kokoeva
  7. Elanu Style

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