Sick Nawaz Sharif left for treatment in London by Qatari Air Ambulance

(Very sick Nawaz Sharif on left in Air Ambulance while his brother Shabaz Sharif (right) being served by Qatar Airways hostess, Dr Adnan at the door just before flying from Lahore)

(Pakistan – Media Report) – Very seriously sick Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday left for London in a Qatri air ambulance, accompanied by his brother Shehbaz Sharif and other personnel, including his personal physician Dr Adnan Khan.

According to immigration sources, Nawaz’s medical files were handed over to the team traveling with the former prime minister in the air ambulance. Doctors also conducted blood tests prior to the departure.

The air ambulance arrived from Doha early morning at Lahore airport’s Haj Terminal. An intensive care unit and an operation theatre has been set up inside while a team of doctors and paramedics are also on board.

Following his departure, PML-N spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb said that Nawaz’s plane will stop in Qatar for a refuel. The medical team will also be changed.

The PML-N supremo was accompanied to the airport by a large number of supporters as well as party leaders. Nawaz’s personal physician Dr Khan and PML-N President Shehbaz — both of whom are traveling with the former premier — are also at the airport. Party leaders, including Khawaja Asif and Ahsan Iqbal, were also present to see off the leader.

The former premier’s mother, other family members and his daughter Maryam — who surrendered her passport to secure her release in the Chaudhry Sugar Mills case earlier this month — bid farewell to him at the house. A large number of supporters and workers had gathered outside Jati Umra since morning prior to Nawaz’s departure.

In a separate statement issued earlier on Tuesday, Aurangzeb said that doctors completed a medical examination of Nawaz ahead of his departure and he was administered high doses of steroids and medicines to ensure that his condition remains stable during travel.

The development comes a day after the interior ministry issued a notification, allowing the former prime minister to travel abroad for medical treatment, saying that the decision was an “interim arrangement” in the light of the LHC’s order, which was passed last week.

In its notification, the ministry reproduced the undertakings provided by Shehbaz Sharif and Nawaz to the LHC in which the terms of their travel and return have been laid out. The former prime minister’s name remains on the Exit Control List (ECL).

‘Praying for Nawaz’s recovery’ Soon after Nawaz left, premier’s aide Firdous Ashiq Awan wished Nawaz a “speedy recovery so that he can return and face [the courts]”.

In a tweet, she said: “[We are] praying that God grants a complete recovery to Nawaz Sharif. We are praying for his health and [for his] speedy recovery so that he can return and face the law. With his conduct, Prime Minister Imran Khan has set a golden example of respect for humanity and supremacy of law.”

Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry also reacted to Nawaz’s departure and said that the “journey from ‘why was I expelled’ to ‘expel me for God’s sake’ is now approaching its end”.

“When such leadership demands respect for vote, it actually insults the democratic process,” he said in a tweet. “I sympathise with those workers of the PML-N who consider Nawaz Sharif their leader and tire themselves day and night.”

Later, in a press conference in Islamabad, Chaudhry said that the government was praying for Nawaz’s health. He added that the “impression that an NRO had been granted should not be there”.

A poor Pakistani man is taking a dead body of woman on a donkey cart while rich are on air ambulance for minor treatments - a Slap on the face of people by corrupt system.
A poor Pakistani man is taking a dead body of woman on a donkey cart while rich are on air ambulance for minor treatments – a Slap on the face of people by corrupt system.

LHC order

After much deliberation and meetings, the government had agreed to allow Nawaz to travel abroad, with the condition that indemnity bonds amounting to Rs7-7.5 billion be furnished. The PML-N had rejected the condition and had taken the matter to the LHC, which — in a blow to the Centre — ordered the federal government to remove his name from the ECL without any conditions. The verdict was issued after Nawaz signed a court-approved undertaking, saying that he would return to the country within four weeks.

Shehbaz too signed an undertaking, which stated he would “ensure return” of his brother “within four weeks or on certification by doctors that he has regained his health and is fit to return back to Pakistan”. Nawaz was allowed to leave the country for a period of four weeks, extendable on the basis of medical reports.

In 1981 the Sharif’s family business group Ittefaq’s turnover was Rs. 337 million, but by 1987 it had soared to at least Rs. 2,500 million, that is according to the group’s own accounts. Within four years Ittefaq had become one of the wealthiest private industrial groups in Pakistan. ‘Hard work and grace of Allah’ explained Shabaz Sharif. One can imagine the miraculous growth in the assets of billions now. Investing in politics is not bad business at all in Pakistan. PTI leader Imran Khan called him the most corrupt man of Pakistan. He alleged him that he has been taking money from foreigners including Osama bin Laden. Sharifs started their businesses in Gwalmandi (Ram Gali) in Lahore and have reached to Park Lane in London and Dubai.

Nawaz Sharif had no connection with the feudal elite. His family moved from Jati Umra near Amirtasr and by 1960 they owned a few modest size factories – iron foundry, ice making, and water pump factory. Somehow Mian Sharif managed to reach General Jill, as General Ghulam Jilani Governor of Punjab in General Zia’s regime He requested General Jillani to give a break in politics to Nawaz Sharif. That is how he got into the military’s chicken farm and his factories started laying golden eggs. Nawaz Sharif was appointed as finance minister of Punjab in 1983.

According to Asia Week, Rehman Malik current Interior minister and key holder of Zardari’s safe produced 200-page report of Mian Nawz Sharif’s corruption. The secret document was leaked to the London-based Observer newspaper published details of alleged corruption involving the MNS and his family. According to the report, the Sharif family obtained loans from Pakistani state banks for business purposes and illegally converted the money into foreign exchange worth at least $66 million. According to the report, the Sharif family acquired properties in London through two companies, Nescoll and Nielson Enterprises, registered in the British Virgin Islands and linked to a bank account in Lahore in the name of a fictitious person: Sulman Zia.

The four flats in Avendale House in Park Lane are said to be worth at least £ 750,000, which worth millions of pounds keeping in view the current housing market in London. Not a bad deal! What clinched the appointment for Nawaz Sharif as PM was a word to the presidency by the then ISI chief Lt. Gen Hamid Gull, that the army believed he was a better choice. General Hamid Gull now regrets his misjudgement. Subsequently the President also dismissed him. Nawaz Sharif’s problem was power: a pathological crass compounded by crass incompetence. Nawaz Sharif also seemed to be an ungrateful person.

He did not feel any obligation towards president Ghulam Ishaq Khan, nor did he ever say ‘thank you’ to General Hamid Gull’. The smart business minded ‘Abbaji’ late father of Nawaz Sharif invited General Asif Nawaz to his Lahore residence. After a fatherly ‘tête-à-tête’, Abbaji told the new army chief that he was like his son and requested him to take his two sons Nawaz and Shabaz under his wings: and also told the ‘children’ that they must follow and never disregard the General Sahib’s advice. And one last thing Abbaji said to the General Sahib, as he came to see him out off at the porch of his house, ‘my both children have a Mercedes each, and here is the key to yours; you are like a son to me.’ It didn’t work with General Asif Nawaz, he felt offended and therefore, instead of being able to buy the General, Nawaz Sharif had instead lost his respect too. “I sent Ghaus Ali Shah to give a lift home to General Musharaf and inform him that he has been deposed in absence said Nawaz Sharif while addressing a meeting in Manchester in July 2007.