President Putin promises to strengthen Russian modernise military with new weapons


Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday Russia will continue to strengthen its armed forces and equip them with the latest weapons.

Speaking at a meeting with the country’s military chiefs — the first in a series — Putin said a complicated international situation, potential risks and threats to Russia’s security require the armed forces to be constantly at “high alert.”

“We will continue to improve the structure and composition of the army and navy, actively equipping them with modern weapons. We will support the development of the defense enterprises and leading design bureaus that develop and produce advanced weapons and equipment,” he said.

Putin pointed out that it is necessary to clarify the main directions for further strengthening of the armed forces, to pay attention to improving the strategic nuclear forces “as a key factor in ensuring the stability and security of Russia,” and to analyze which weapons and military equipment will become the basis for a new state program of armament.