Pakistani Senate seeks U.S. compensation for drone attacks


The Pakistani Senate Monday adopted a resolution recommending the government to demand compensation from the U.S. government on account of lives lost and damage done to the innocent citizens as a result of drone attacks inside Pakistan.

The resolution was passed as the U.S. unmanned aircraft routinely carry out attacks in Pakistani tribal regions in what they claim to target the militants. However, people in the tribal regions insist that the drone strikes have also killed civilians.

The upper house of the Pakistani parliament also urged the government to send copies of the resolution to the United Nations General Assembly, NATO, European Union, Commonwealth and Asian Parliamentary Assembly in order to highlight the impacts of drone attacks on the social, economic and psychological conditions of the victims.

The London-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism, who monitors the U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia, says the U.S. has been carrying out drone strikes in Pakistan since June 2004. The strikes have killed more than 400 civilians, according to the bureau data posted on its website.