Pakistan, Russia boost anti-terror cooperation


MOSCOW,   (Xinhua) — Pakistan‘s ambassador to Russia Qazi Khalilulla said on Monday that the two countries are carrying out closer cooperation in combating terrorism.

“We appreciate Russia supporting Pakistan’s efforts in the fight against terrorism, as well as its willingness to supply weapons for these purposes,” Khalilulla was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti.

He said the Russia-Pakistan working group on fighting terrorism, which was founded in 2002, will meet in Moscow before the end of the year.

The ambassador said that Islamabad was implementing a national action plan of comprehensive resistance to terrorism and extremism, including countering violence propaganda, and blocking financial flows to terrorists and their supporters, with the aim of extinguishing terrorism in the country.

Khalilulla also revealed that the Chief of Air Staff of the Pakistani Air Force Sohail Aman had “fruitful talks” in Moscow in July on purchasing Russian Su-35 fighter jets, but he did not elaborate.

He said the Pakistani Air Force and other services of the country were considering different options of deepening cooperation with Russia, but denied knowledge of any plans to buy Russian weaponry in the near future.

Editor: Zhang Dongmiao