Moldovan Protested in London against Corruption and Rigged Electioneering


(By Dr Shahid Qureshi – London): –

Moldovan living in London protested corruption and mismanaging in the electoral and state system in Republic of Moldova on 24th June and later on 1st July 2018. The peaceful protest was held had ‘Mable Arch’ in the central London. Moldovan from all walks of like attended some with the families and kids. They were specially protesting about electoral rigging and corruption in the recent Mayor election of the capital Chisinau.

Free Moldova protest

A spokesperson from the Free Moldova group said: “Against people’s will, the Plahotniuc-Dodon cartel has decided to use the politically controlled justice system to bring through the back door their own mayor and completely ignore the backbone of every democracy: the right to vote.

Only in an authoritarian country, can the judiciary ignore without reason the will of the people resulting from a democratic election. It is obvious that the election of Andrei Nastase as the capital mayor of Moldova was an unpleasant surprise for the Plahotniuc-Dodon alliance. Against people’s will, the Plahotniuc-Dodon cartel has decided to use the politically controlled justice system to bring through the back door their own mayor and completely ignore the backbone of every democracy: the right to vote.

In this respect, the decision to invalidate the results of mayoral elections in Chisinau, which were also acknowledged by international observers, raises high concerns, in particular with respect to the proportionality of the decision.

People of the capital (around 30000) have reacted with massive protests in front of major Governing institution including CEC (The Electoral Commission). And then to the Supreme Court-were ultimately the election were invalidated with no application of the current Law.

The spokesperson said: “We (citizen of Republic of Moldova) joined them and protested from London (called FreeMoldova Group, formed right after the first day of Protest) against violation of a Human Rights, against Government Corruption that has shattered our country.

Thousands of Moldovans have been protesting daily, since a court ruled on June 19, 2018, that Andrei Nastase’s electoral win was illegitimate, citing unspecified violations.

The scandal has brought more political turmoil for a country that plunged into crisis following a $1 billion banking fraud in 2015, enduring successive government collapses and frequent conflict between the president and the government.

Spokesperson said: “We wrote emails and video messages to Prime Minister Theresa May and UK Government to listen our concerns and help us. Numerous signed petitions were sent to our Parliament from Diaspora (and we account for nearly half of all citizens of Moldova) to invalidate this election and to create new election rules that allow people from abroad to participate in Democratic election. (To mention here are the last Parliament elections were citizen had to travel from Scotland to London to be able to vote, ultimately to be refused on different irrelevant reasons.

Today our country is governed by an oligarchic party supported by less than 4% of the people. Through bribery, manipulation and intimidation they have cobbled together a so-called “parliamentary majority”. Cynical and insecure, they captured all government institutions. They control prosecution, courts, and extract huge illegal gains from a system which benefits a few and brings injustice and dire poverty to the rest.

This deeply corrupt and unpopular government violates democratic procedures and changes all rules to keep power at any cost. They created a fake political opponent, helped him to win the Presidency, and now use him as a scarecrow to stay in power. In order to continue to control the country with only 4% of popular support, they are trying to switch to an electoral system that will allow them to more easily rig the next elections. I would like to sound the alarm. What you have seen in Moldova so far was not great, but, if these people manage to carry out their plans, it is going to get much worse.

And the worst of all is that they are killing hope. Hope that Moldovans can have a future at home. Hope that in Moldova politicians and public servants can pursue the public good. Hope that the government can create economic opportunities for everyone. Hope that in Moldova, the Romanians, the Russians, the Ukrainians, the Gagauz, the Bulgarians will not be manipulated to fear and hate each other because of their ethnic origin.

It is true that Moldova has always borne the full burden of geopolitical upheavals and that Russia wants to keep us on a short leash. But – let’s be objective – a corrupt government, hated by people, which calls itself pro-European, is a gift to Kremlin.

Ladies and gentlemen, we, millions of Moldovans, share one common aspiration: we want to create a functional, European state that would ensure a better future for all of us. And this aspiration comes from our unyielding faith in those European values – the values of the European People’s Party – that have held this continent together through all its trials and tribulations: rule of law, liberal democracy, accountable government and respect for human dignity. We have none of these in today’s Moldova.

In the name of all Moldovan people, I am urging you to help us getting our country back.”