M.Ablyazov and his democracy fighters team


Dear Editor:

I would like to bring your attention to this matter which is very important to the people of Kazakhstan and its democracy.

“Any dissident, especially if he runs away from the country not for ideological reasons, but because of «political pressure», always gets friends and companions. Since, as the practice of the last quarter of a century has shown, under this «sauce» their countries are abandoned, most often by people who are waiting for a considerable time in their homeland for corruption and other equally profitable crimes.

The most interesting in this dissident practice is the love of changing political orientation, depending on the circumstances. Most of those who are now sitting out somewhere in deep Europe, a couple of years ago, could not think that they would become zealous advocates of human rights and constitutional legality. Especially when these rights and lawfulness were violently violated, earning a «living» at home.

However, some of the «refugees» in the EU from the post-Soviet space in Europe not only save their skin from their own justice, but they also earn a living by cheating in unison with a larger customer. Do you remember how Tabaki in Mowgli wagged his tail in front of Sherkhan? Here and at us: who pays, that orders music in democracy.

However, it is not for nothing that they say that the king is done by retinue. It best reflects the essence of his benefactor. And, at times, looking at the friends and associates, you can determine the character and not only the «most important».

Take, for example, Mukhtar Ablyazov, a runaway Kazakh banker, who was charged with stealing 7.5 billion USD from BTA Bank in three countries, and 4 in money laundering. His companions were very colorful.

The brightest of them is a journalist (and M.Ablyazov sponsored opposition media for many years in Kazakhstan) Igor Vinyavsky. Speaking from the rostrum of the newspaper, where he was an editor, he branded Kazakhstan’s power. And in the off hours with his wife moonlighting filming in porn. And even what! He, a Democrat and human rights defender, in the form of an American Marine, raped a Muslim woman in a hijab. In the role of a Muslim, a lover of swinger meetings was shot – wife of Vinyavsky Lana. By the way, she managed to divide the box with almost all of Ablyazov’s «colleagues in democracy». And with pride she herself talks about it.

For example, about how she slept with the head of Public Foundation «Civic Activity» Muratbek Ketebaev. And he paid generously with her for services from money received from M.Ablyazov to finance an information company against Kazakhstan.

M. Ketebaev is generally a funny little man. «Golden youth» in his youth (he was born in the family of the minister of household industry of the Kaz SSR), at the time of Kazakhstan’s gaining independence, was out of political affairs. And the only thing where he could show himself is the opposition. And well paid. Moreover, M. Ketebaev turned out to be a born angry man – he once set fire to the office belonging to M.Ablyazov of the newspaper «Respublika». In which, however, he accused the Kazakh authorities.

But most of all M. Ketebaev succeeded in provocations with human victims – he is one of the main agitators to «go kill»” during the tragic events in the Kazakh city of Zhanaozen. Then there were killed more than 100 civilians.

By the way, once M. Ketebaev was detained in Spain at the request of Interpol. But they let go very quickly, even without the traditional collateral – an extraordinary court decision for Madrid.

Among the supporters of M. Ablyazov, of course, are relatives.

The most famous are the family of another dissident, wanted at home for corruption, former mayor of Almaty Viktor Khrapunov (their children were married). V.Khrapunov and his family live in Switzerland. Meanwhile, Ukraine is requesting the extradition of Ilyas Khrapunov, Victor’s son, for alleged organization of a hacking of the database of a law firm representing the interests of BTA Bank, which previously belonged to M.Ablyazov and with whom his legal problems are related. In Great Britain, linking the «Ablyazov affair» with the activities of I.Khrapunov, Khrapunov was forbidden to use property registered in the kingdom.

V.Khrapunov himself was under investigation by the American Themis, who is investigating the case of money laundering stolen by M.Ablyazov from Kazakhstan, through front companies opened by V.Khrapunov in the USA and actively buying real estate there.

By the way, I.Khrapunov and his wife – the daughter of M.Ablyazova Madina «received unusual diplomatic posts as representatives of the Central African Republic in Geneva». The same passport the wife of M.Ablyazov has.

But his other relative, Syrym Shalabayev, the brother of M. Ablyazov’s wife, fled to Lithuania during the trial in London.

But the most interesting begins later. The authorities of Lithuania detained him at the request of Interpol (he was charged with the fact that he, together with M. Ablyazov and others, appropriated assets worth several billion USD in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia), and then released and even granted him asylum from persecution. Just like M. Ketebaev in Spain.

It seems that the escaped Kazakhstan banker M.Ablyazov and his relatives are very fond in Vilnius. Indeed, more recently, the authorities of Latvia refused to ex-mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov in obtaining a residence permit. And this despite the fact that Luzhkov invested a lot of money in this country: putting money in the bank and buying up real estate. Moreover, law enforcement agencies of Latvia carefully checked the origin of Luzhkov’s capital.

But they had nothing to complain to S.Shalabaev. And this despite the fact that four countries (Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and the United Kingdom) are looking for him for trial. In the latter, by the way, he was sentenced by the High Court of London to 18 months of imprisonment for contempt of court.

But all the same colleagues of M.Ablyazov most of all, why they love Poland. Here lives also the fan of porno-shootings Igor Vinyavsky with the spouse which today is well-known in all swinger-interiors of northern Europe, and M.Ketebaev (Poland has granted him a political asylum). And yet a lot of equally bright and unconventional supporters of a runaway banker.

And all because in Warsaw the foundation is based, specializing in the protection of M.Ablyazov from «unfair accusations». And at the same time, with all his might, he wants to rock the boat of political stability in all the post-Soviet countries, where M. Ablyazov once worked, and where he deduced the stolen money.

And this fund is managed by Ukrainian Lyudmila Kozlovskaya. A young woman, apparently, has a very unbalanced psyche and, like many of M. Ablyazov’s associates, a strange love for demonstrative cruelty. In 2004 she was an active participant of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine and the leader of the campaign in support of the withdrawal of the Russian Black Sea Fleet from Sevastopol. And one day she beat the candidate for the post of President of Poland Bally Mazhets, who for many years opposed the presence in Poland of the foundation of the «Open Dialogue» and Warsaw’s position on the protection of M. Ablyazov’s interests.

Today, among the supporters of M. Ablyazov, there were still a few from the previously numerous crowd. A runaway banker does not really think about the fate of those who defended him, and who suffered for him.

When the well-known public figure in Kazakhstan V.Kozlov was convicted for ordering and for money M.Ablyazova organized rallies that grew into clashes with police in Kazakhstan’s Zhanaozen, the customer simply turned away from him. No help, neither the convicted V.Kozlov, nor his family did not receive the will. As well as other former friends, who are no longer needed today. As, for example, Aidos Sadykov, recognized as «crazy» doctors, but paid by M.Ablyazov as «defender of democracy».

The King is made by retinue. The retinue of Mukhtar Ablyazov is very specific. Among her, there are no people who have ever become famous for their honesty and incorruptibility. But a lot of schizophrenics, sexual perverts, corrupt people and just earning a fashionable theme in the game of democracy.

It is a pity only that European politicians are happy to swallow any bait with the right content, without thinking about what the lovers of the «struggle with the regime» really are.

Thank you very much

Views expressed are not of The SRG.