Lebanon seeks UN help in ending Israeli “violations”


BEIRUT,   (Xinhua) — Lebanon’s Defense Minister Samir Moqbel on Tuesday urged the United Nations Interim Force in southern Lebanon (UNIFIL) to help end what he described as Israel‘s violations in Lebanese territory.

At a meeting with UNIFIL Chief Maj. Gen. Michael Beary, Moqbel called for a solution to end Israeli breaches of Lebanon’s sovereignty in the occupied Shebaa Farms in southern Lebanon, a Defense Ministry statement said.

Since last month, Israel has been constructing a road almost two kilometers long in the occupied Shebaa Farms, which lies between the Blue Line and Israel’s so-called “technical fence,” erected south of the divide.

Lebanon’s Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil recently asked Lebanon’s UN mission in New York to file a complaint with the Security Council over the road construction.

Moqbel also urged Israeli troops to withdraw from the occupied northern section of the border village of Ghajar and end its routine violations of Lebanese airspace, the statement added.

It pointed that discussions also focused on the situation of UNIFIL’s area of operations and the issues related to the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701.

Beary, of the UNIFIL, said it was important that the Lebanese Army and security forces continue to receive international assistance to “tackle the multiple challenges.”

Editor: Mu Xuequan