Kazakhstan to start social health insurance


Kazakh Healthcare Minister Yelzhan Birtanov has proposed new approaches to the free medical care and medical benefits package under the compulsory social health insurance system. The new model will be implemented in three phases. In the first stage, a full audit of medical care under existing conditions will be conducted as it relates to guaranteed free medical care. In the second stage, a new model of guaranteed free medical care will be presented simultaneously with the introduction of compulsory social health insurance.

This phase will define the boundaries of the state’s obligations and further ensure the policy is aimed at developing preventive and primary healthcare. The third stage will involve a regular update to the lists of guaranteed free medical care and compulsory social health insurance, including considering developing medical technologies.

The healthcare ministry guarantees medical care will be provided to every person in an emergency, as well as for pandemics and diseases that can result in demographic crises or disability. “In the system of compulsory social health insurance, medical assistance will be aimed at improving the quality of life of every citizen,” the ministry noted. The bill introducing the new free medical care model and the medical benefits package in the compulsory social health insurance system has passed all examination stages, said Mr. Birtanov.

Following the Prime Minister’s instruction, the ministry will conduct outreach work with the public, noting the need for every citizen to know which medical care is provided free of charge and which is on a fee basis.