Kazakh Prime Minister launch National Identity & Modernization Program

Bakytzhan Sagintayev, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan

In his report into the key sectors of the economy delivered at a government meeting on Feb. 9th, Prime Minister Bakhytzhan Sagintayev emphasised the role ideology played in achieving successful economic modernisation. He then briefly recapped on the work carried out to date to implement the Rukhani Zhanghyru Programme (Modernisation of Kazakhstan’s Identity Programme) across the nation.

In education, “a new policy to lay the foundations for a new generation of quality is being set up,” said Minister Sagintayev, adding that the Latin Alphabet Implementation Plan aims to complete the gradual switch by 2025.

“Eight-hundred textbooks were selected within the framework of ‘New Education in the Humanities’ Project, with 17 of them being globally recognised textbooks in liberal arts that have been already translated into Kazakh.”

According to the Minister, the Government has allocated 51 billion tenge (US$157 million) for the Tugan Zher (Small Homeland) Project that includes thousands of smaller-scale projects. Seventy percent of activities have been finalised.

“Within the initiative to locate and promote sacred geography of national and regional importance, 183 and 520 areas were identified,” he said. The report states work is underway to shoot four documentaries in five languages.

“Based on their outstanding achievements and leadership, 100 new names of fellow Kazakhstanis were included in a special project,” added the Minister. “We have also selected some objects of national cultural heritage produced during the years of independence to share with the world.”

He concluded that those were the major points of the programme the Government had been working on recently.