Jealous priest kills man at wife’s beauty salon in Izmir

A suspect who killed a man coming to his wife's beauty salon in western Turkey's ?zmir province turned out to be a priest who converted to Christianity in 2006. (DHA Photo)

A murder suspect in western Turkey’s Izmir, accused of killing a man out of “jealousy,” has been revealed to be a Protestant priest who converted to Christianity back in 2006.

Hasan Y. allegedly killed Mehmet Özkan, a customer at a beauty salon that belonged to the suspect’s wife. The incident took place Tuesday in the Erzene neighborhood of Izmir’s Bornova district.

Local media reports claimed Hasan Y. killed the 42-year-old victim out of jealousy for his wife.

Hasan Y. fled the scene after shooting Özkan with a shotgun. The victim died at the scene.

His wife, identified by her initials as S.Y., denied the allegations that she had an affair with Özkan.

The suspect, Hasan Y. was born in a Muslim family but converted to Christianity in 2006.

The international relations graduate then quit his job and became an acolyte before becoming a priest at Izmir Yeni Doğuş Church.

The police are investigating the killing and looking for the suspect.