Is China an ‘extreme threat’ to US & Australian national security?

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying (Photo:

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying slammed the claim that China has become an “extreme threat” to the United States and Australia’s national security during a regular press conference today.

“Facts speak louder than words,” Hua said. “We should all be clear which country has been widely monitoring, infiltrating and exerting power to absurd lengths on other countries based on all the released information.”

According to the interview released two days ago by BBC, the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director Mike Pompeo claimed they’ve seen China making “focused efforts” to “steal American information and infiltrate the US with spies”.

“We see it in our schools. We see it in our hospitals and medicals systems. We see it throughout corporate America. It’s also true in other parts of the world,” Pompeo said.

Hua said she is not surprised to hear those remarks from the leader of one of the world’s biggest intelligence agencies.

“There is a saying in China, basically it’s that the world you see reflects what you think in your heart,” Hua said.

Australia’s domestic spy agency also listed China as the most “extreme” threat to its national security, based on a report from Nine News, one of the highest rating national news services in Australia.

Hua questioned the assertion.

“If someone on the Australian side views millions of people and residents coming back and forth between China and Australia as ‘spies’, then no wonder they are anxious,” Hua said.