Indonesia tightens supervision on pilot health after “drunk-pilot incident”


JAKARTA,  (Xinhua) — Indonesian transport ministry has warned airliners to step up supervision on health of pilots and crews to raise aviation safety following recent drunk-pilot incident, a minister said Friday.

A pilot of Citilink airline was allegedly under the influence of alcohol just before flying a plane last month, triggering complaint and anger of passengers.

Indonesian Transport Minister Budi Karya stressed that the pilot flying a passenger plane has to be on good health condition and good attitude.

Airliners had to well select pilots proper for flying aircraft, including checking on their health and behavior, Mr. Budi said.

“According to me, smart pilots will be useless if they have bad attitude. This is important,” he said at transport ministry.

Days after the drunk-pilot incident, two others pilots of Susi Air airline were found positively consuming drug.

Indonesia in collaboration with experts from European Union (EU) has improved safety standard on aviation, particularly on the aspects of regulations and maintenance, following rampant air incidents years ago, which led the EU lifting its travel ban on Indonesia’s airliners from traveling to the group territory.