Indian minister tells foreign tourists not to wear skirts


NEW DELHI,   (Xinhua) — Indian Tourism Minister Mahesh Sharma may mean well, but his advice of “don’t wear skirts” still didn’t play out well to audiences from home and abroad.

In a speech delivered Sunday, Sharma said his department will be giving out flyers to foreign tourists that contain tips on visiting India.

The suggestions include avoid wearing skirts and going out alone at night in smaller cities.

The advice immediate earned the minister a storm of criticism and Sharma was forced to defend himself Monday by saying that he was only suggesting that foreign tourists refrain from wearing skirts in religious places.

“I am a father of two daughters…I would never tall women what they should wear or not,” Sharma was quoted as saying.

The controversy over how women should dress has drawn global attention in part because of the rampant raping across the country, with reports of female tourists from the United States, Switzerland, Denmark, Japan and Israel becoming victims of sexual assault.