Following patronizing Hajj security forces parade in Mina, Crown Prince makes press remarks on Hajj-related issues 2 Mina, Saudi Arabia


Answering a question on Iranian media and senior officials blaming Saudi Arabia for not enabling Iranian pilgrims performing this year Hajj, he said that Saudi Arabia, since its inception is working on the Two Holy Mosques to serve and take care of pilgrims and provide all of them with facilities to perform this great ritual, in a way that leads to satisfaction of God the Almighty as they perform their rituals with ease and safety. What was aroused by Iranian media and some officials is not based on credibility and objectivity, they know before others that the Kingdom has provided Iranian pilgrims, as the rest of pilgrims, with all the facilities, but in the pilgrimage of this year, the Iranian Hajj Mission has put forward claims contrary to the purposes of the pilgrimage and contrary to the commitments of the rest of other Hajj missions, in a way that endangers the security of Hajj pilgrims, including Iranian pilgrims, as their conditions violate as well the sanctity of the place and time. The Kingdom do not allow in any way the occurrence of what is contrary to the rites of the pilgrimage that may disturb security and affect the lives of pilgrims and their safety, be them Iranians or otherwise. The Iranian authorities are not interested in the arrival of Iranian pilgrims for reasons Iranians themselves know, in the framework of their efforts to politicize Hajj and convert it into an occasion to violate the teachings of Islam, through shouting slogans and disturbing the security of pilgrims, something that we do not accept its occurrence and we stand firmly and strongly against works that breach security, during the pilgrimage.
On the Kingdom’s position in case of violation of instructions during the pilgrimage by some pilgrims motivated by their countries’ positions towards the Kingdom, he said that Hajj is a sacred ritual, and the place is an honored place and while our duty is guarantee safety of pilgrims and duty to facilitate performance of Hajj, with all safety and security, therefore, the Kingdom will deal firmly with violation of the purposes of Hajj and will not compromise the security of pilgrims, rather, it will be firm and decisive and each violator will be held responsible and be brought to law. Legal provisions will be applied by the judiciary. What we hope of pilgrims is to be good and not to make what will negatively affect their performance during this great worship and to enjoy what provided for them by the Kingdom under the guidance and patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, may God protect him, of services and facilities, God willing, to help them fulfil their wishes of performaning a safe pilgrimage, without obscenity or sensuality.