Flooding in Kazakhstan


In several regions of Kazakhstan, a severe flood situation remains. Flooded and melted waters flooded 222 residential buildings, 269 pridvorovyh territories, 6 buildings in 11 settlements.

In the city of Aktobe, as a result of the rising water level in the Ilek River, there was a flooding of country houses and yard territories in the horticultural collectives “Gosvetset”, “Kargalinka” and “Aksuat”. About 300 people were evacuated. Twelve evacuation points have been deployed on the basis of 2 secondary schools, in which 53 people are located, including 12 children, 248 people are housed by relatives.

In the Akmola region, 150 people were evacuated from the flooding zone in the city of Atbasar. In the village of Sandyktau, Sandyktau district, as a result of rising water levels in the Zhabai River, Zarechnaya flooded 7 houses and yard territories. 17 people were evacuated, 5 of them were children, in the secondary school in the village of Sandyktau.

When carrying out evacuation measures on the street. Quay in one of the houses found the corpse of a citizen of 1958, the cause of death is being determined, investigative measures are being carried out. In the Karaganda region in Bukhar-Zhyrau rayon, due to the increased water discharge from the Samarkand reservoir in the village of. Chkalovo flooded 48 houses and 70 pridvorovyh territories, 137 people were evacuated, 466 cattle were driven to safety. In with. Garden flooded 21 dwelling house and 31 pridvorovyh territories, evacuated 308 people, driven away to safety 1065 head of livestock.

In with. Sarytobe flooded 1 residential building and 5 pridvorovyh territories. 110 people were evacuated, 918 heads of cattle were driven to safety. In with. Andreynikovka as a result of rising water level in the river. Nura flooded 2 pridvorovyh territories. In advance, 14 people were evacuated by relatives, 10 heads of cattle were driven to safety. Also in advance residents evacuated. Branch of the 1st rural district of Tuzdy, 190 heads of livestock were driven to safety.

Work is under way to erect protective dams along the Nura river bed by laying bags with inert material. In with. Krasnaya Polyana Shetskogo area flooded with water flooded 1 apartment building and 5 prydvorovyh territories. Evacuated 7 people. At the Kara Muryn station, five pridvorovye territories were flooded. Evacuated 25 people.

In the East Kazakhstan region in with. Beskaragai Beskaragai district flooded with groundwater 9 homes and 10 privodvorovyh territories, evacuated 22 people who are temporarily housed by relatives. In the Kostanay region, out of 50 settlements and 19 rural districts in the Karasu district, flooding with meltwater occurred in 4 localities.

The warning and evacuation of the population of the flooded area, and the removal of livestock to places safe from flooding, were made in advance. To improve the passage of water along the river. Karasu in the width of 300 m opened the body of a bulk dam. In with. Zelenovka flooded 5 houses and 10 yard territories. 53 people were evacuated, 10 people were placed with relatives in the village. Lenin, 43 people are housed in the school with. Lenin.

There is overflow across the road to the entrance to the settlement. In the village Oktyabrsky there is a water drainage canal from the street. Lenin to the river. Chungchugur. Underflooded 5 houses and 5 yards. Evacuated 1 person. In the village of Karamyrza, 3 drainage canals with a total length of 45 m were dug. 7 houses and 3 yard territories were flooded. Ten relatives were evacuated by relatives. In the village of Zheleznodorozhny, two houses and two yard territories were flooded. Evacuated 30 people.