European Union’s never ending ‘To Do List’ for Turkey


By Nurettin Bay : –

Turkey, which had been kept on the gate of European Union for 53 years, came to a new crossroads. Turkish government determined that it was impossible to satisfy his European counterparts in any conditions, began to speak loudly the facts in last few years. Majority of Turkish population has been standing behind the government related with this subject. Liberals or even socialists started to believe this sad truth.

The divergence of roads between Turkey and Europe would not have to be this sharp. Both parties could go along well for a longer period of time. But lack of solid attitude in Europe’s side subject to 15th July coup attempt in Turkey, accelerated the disengagement. Tension became inevitable when western incomprehensible policies of supporting terrorism was added to current situation. Turkey, which had already a distance with West due to Syrian problem, felt that a new destination should be determined.

President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is a leader with the characteristics of telling the truth directly. Europe is not used to this kind of speech. Thus, Europe is uncomfortable with this wording of Erdoğan. In this matter, beside from policies and thoughts of Turkish side, it will be useful to consider Europe.

To what extent, is Europe right? Or how right is the policy of Europe towards Turkey?

To me, European leaders prefer to manage populist actions rather than producing real and useful policies. Islamophobia which was artificially produced following 9/11, detracted European population from Islam old and especially from Turkey. Nowadays, any politician speaking against Turkey, becomes popular.

Even we examine the subject only with this aspect, we can clearly say that leaders of Europe are on the wrong path. Because stability and peace of Europe passes through Turkey. In case European populations are capable of considering the issue without being emotional, they may see this fact that EU is a Christian club where a Muslim Turkey has no space?


If we ask European about the most uncomforting issue, without a doubt, most of them will reply as “refugees”. If Europe gets uncomfortable with the instability of Syria, a country thousand miles away, if the same sort of instability occurs in Turkey, what will happen? Then there will not be a Turkey, holding the refugees. There is benefit to calculate the possible damage that will derive from Turkey with 80 million of population by looking at the discontent derived from Syria with 20 million citizens.

Turkish people find it difficult to understand the tolerance of Europe towards terrorist organizations especially PKK. Who can understand this attitude of welcoming terrorist organizations in Turkey while Europe considers living in peace and stability in its continent as a priority, and thus had established European Union in order to realize these objectives? This situation can be explained with a Turkish idiom such as “cutting the tree when you sit on it”.

Thus, it is not Turkey, but Europe is in test. It is not easy to understand the suspending EU-Turkey process decision of European Parliament. Europe has to understand that instability in Turkey may also have negative impacts of Europe. On the contrary both Turkey and Europe may face with difficulties.

(Nurettin Bay is senior journalist and General Manager at Kon TV in Turkey)