Chinese Red Cross hold a free medical Camp in Gwadar – Pakistan


(By Special Correspondent):-

The Chinese Red Cross foreign aid medical team hold a volunteer diagnosing event in district Gwadar, Pakistan.

14th August is the 71st national independent day of Pakistan. To celebrate this national holiday, the Chinese Red Cross medical team has collaborated with China Overseas Port Holding Company to hold a fraternity health caring event which provided free medical services for more than 150 Pakistani within a day at local time 13th August.

The team is formed by doctors from Huashan Hospital Fudan University, Beijing Red Cross Emergency Rescue Center, Obstetrics&Gynecology Hospital of Fudan University. They provided health consulting of different departments from internal medicine, surgery orthopedics to gynecology, and also ran basic tests like blood pressure and weight.

For those patients who have medicine needs, would receive a prescription first, and take the prescription to get medicines for free after the activity. More than 70 children have attended the event with their parents, and every each one of them looked so delightful not because of medical treatment,but because all the candies they’ve got which we learned the team have brought from their own.

Kids were excited about taking selfies with Chinese doctors. Apparently, they had boundary of languages, but not for joy. “We will continue to take humanism responsibilities as we providing effective non-beneficial medical services. “ said Hu Hong, the captain of medical team.