China helps military veterans find jobs, set up businesses


BEIJING, Aug. 2 (Xinhua) — Chinese authorities have issued a guideline to help military veterans find jobs or set up businesses.

The guideline, drawn up by 12 government bodies including the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, demanded efforts from all sources to give veterans additional preferential treatment.

Multi-level and diversified job training should be provided, hiring requirements should be lowered, and quotas for governmental jobs should be raised, the guideline said, adding that businesses may be qualified for tax benefits if they hire veterans.

The guideline proposed that space be reserved for veterans in start-up incubators or industrial parks. Veterans who set up businesses are entitled to financial and tax benefits, it added.

“Helping veterans get jobs or run businesses is vital to realizing their self-worth, promoting social and economic development, and contributing to national defense and armed forces building,” said the guideline, adding that supervision will be strengthened to ensure these policies are enforced.