China dissatisfied with EU statement on conviction of Chinese citizens on charges of state subversion


BRUSSELS, (Xinhua) — The Chinese Mission to the European Union (EU) here on Wednesday expressed its strong dissatisfaction over a statement issued recently by the European External Action Service (EEAS) on the conviction of Chinese Citizens on charges of state subversion.

“China enshrines the principle of rule of law. In China, all people are equal before the law. Anyone who breaks the law shall be brought to justice, regardless of his/her occupation,” said a spokesperson when responding to the statement issued on Aug. 5 by the EU side.

The spokesperson said that China’s judicial authorities handle cases in accordance with the law, while protecting every legitimate right of the suspects, noting that as proved by sufficient evidences, the persons in the case mentioned by the EEAS’ statement have violated the Chinese law, and they have acknowledged that in public.

“By making irresponsible accusation against the normal operation of Chinese judicial authorities, the EU actually goes against the spirit of the rule of law. The EU’s statement constitutes serious intervention into China’s judicial sovereignty. The Chinese side is firmly opposed to and will not accept this kind of accusation,” said the spokesperson.

“We urge the EU side to stop meddling in China’s judicial sovereignty and domestic affairs, and to work with China to ensure the healthy development of China-EU relations,” said the Chinese side.