15th Eurasia Media Forum Concluded in Almaty, Kazakhstan  

Dr Dariga Nazarbayeva, Chairperson of the Eurasia Media Forum (eldest daughter of President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev) exclusively talking to Dr Shahid, Qureshi, Chief Editor

(By Special Correspondent in Almaty): –

Dr Shahid Qureshi British writer and journalist said: ‘Central Asian Republic of Kazakhstan attracting intentional media persons, academics, politicians for past 15 years. The initiative and inspiration came form the vision of state President Nursulan Nazarbayeve. This year’s forum was arranged in the former Almaty capital of Kazakhstan”. He was attending the Eurasia Media Forum 2018.

International journalist and moderator Riz Khan showed the audience a video with highlights of the last 15 years of Eurasian Media Forums in Almaty and Astana, including tributes from some of the celebrities who have attended such as the former leader of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai and former British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw.

After the video the Chair of the Eurasia Media Forum Organising Committee Dariga Nazarbayeva addressed the audience. She said all the veterans in the video and still in the audience were looking much better now than 15 years ago. The panel sessions this year had been great but she had found the final one on the changing moral values of the world particularly moving. It was a pity there was not a glossary of the great sayings of the world’s major religions because they all seemed to urge their believers to live their lives in a similar way: everyone could surely agree that there had been a creator.

The Forum always tried to take a lead from the main events in the world in the preceding year to set the topics for the sessions. This year had particularly looked at the cooling of international diplomatic relations; the return of cold war rhetoric and populism and the need more than ever in this era of fake news for traditional journalism to explain what was going on to their readers, listeners and viewers with truth and objectivity. At the Forum “We try to find answers to the main questions that occupy the world’s politicians and journalists.”